David Chen (陈大伟), aka @mvj3 .

I’m an avid open-source, full-stack engineer, focusing on data and web. I have created an offline task management framework called "Luiti".

  1. 离线数据任务中的惰性求值语法设计
  2. 为什么很多人理解不了 Max Howell 通不过白板编程面试
  3. 我在一起作业的半年回顾
  4. Rails项目 重构,我在阳光书屋的三个月
  5. 人类思维和软件工程学
  6. 一个人的”github”

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Open Source

See the timesheet and details at projects, related topics are:

  1. Building the data warehouse in Python
  2. Text mining in Python
  3. Offline job in Ruby
  4. Rails engines and ORM plugins

Technology Focus

Human Programming Language

A Programming language’s final aim should be to reduce the complexity, and to be understood quickly in people’s minds, Because of this, it should be a combinenable, well-structured, introspective language. 3.weeks.ago. is a typical statement in Human programming language, and it’s equal to ((3 weeks) ago) strange format in Lisp.

I wrote lots of Chinese notes (a unified philosophy about the nature of the program and human-mind) at , you can see more code examples at . The language specifications and interpreter are need to be done in future.


Communication Engineering major, Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University (2005-2006)


I strongly believe that intuition is more important than logic.


Chinese, English.